There are many different factors that might affect FPS, ranging from the specifications of your computer to even the temperature of your room. We cannot cover all potential causes, but changing your Minecraft settings is a good start.

If you are on a laptop with two graphics cards, refer to our graphics card switching guide.

The below sections are organized by different setting types. Navigate to the version module you prefer to use, or change the settings on both modules. Lunar Client also has its own performance panel, which can be edited regardless of version module. None of these options are required; feel free to modify them to your own preference.


Go to ESC > Options > Video Settings.

  • Video Settings
    • "Graphics" = Fast
    • "Render Distance" = 4-8
    • "Use VBOs" = ON
      • In newer versions of the game, VBOs are on by default and cannot be toggled off.
  • Performance
    • "Smooth FPS" = OFF
    • "Fast Render" = ON
      • Having Fast Render on will disable shaders on 1.7 to 1.12. This includes Motion Blur, Menu Blur, and Color Saturation.
    • "Fast Math" = ON
    • "Render Regions" = ON 
      • OFF if you are on an integrated graphics card, including Apple silicon.
    • "Smooth Animations" = ON
  • Quality
    • "Antialiasing" = OFF
    • "Anisotropic Filtering" = OFF

There are extra options in the "Details" and "Animations" tabs, but disabling these options are mostly preference. Disable whatever you deem unnecessary.


Go to ESC > Options > Video Settings.

  • General
    • "Render Distance" = 4-8
    • "Max Shadow Distance" = 4-8
    • "Simulation Distance" = 4-8
  • Quality
    • "Graphics" = Fast
    • "Clouds" = OFF
    • "Weather" = Fast
    • "Leaves Quality" = Fast
    • "Particles" = Minimal / Decreased
    • "Smooth Lighting" = OFF
    • "Biome Blend" = 0
    • "Entity Shadows" = OFF

More options are available in the "Performance" and "Advanced" tabs, but it is best to leave these as default.

Lunar Client

Go to RSHIFT > MODS > Settings > Performance.

  • "Hide Foliage" = OFF (hides grass and tall grass)
  • "Hide End Portals" = Always
  • "Show Enchantment Glint" = None
  • "Lazy Chunk Loading" = Lowest
    • This option will limit the speed at which chunks are loaded, potentially impacting your gameplay experience. If you desire faster chunk loading, set this option higher.
  • "Shadow" = OFF
  • "Entities" = Lowest
    • This option will limit the distance at which entities (players, mobs, etc.) are loaded, which may affect your gameplay experience. If you would like entities to load from farther, set this option higher.
  • "Tile Entities" = Lowest
  • "Show Ground Arrows" = OFF
  • "Show Stuck Arrows" = OFF
  • "Hide Placed Skulls" = ON

In the launcher, there is an option to change the amount of memory allocated to the client. This can be found in the "Settings" tab. The recommended amount of RAM to allocate goes as follows:

  • 1GB if you have 4GB total RAM or less
  • 2GB if you have 6GB total RAM or less
  • 3GB if you have 8GB total RAM or more

Beware that allocating too much RAM may result in performance issues or even crashes.


Lowering your mouse's polling rate is also recommended. It is often set to 1000hz on most mice, which may affect performance even on good PCs. Installing your mouse's software and lowering it to at most 500hz may improve performance.