In Lunar Client, we include several third-party open-source mods to improve the gameplay experience. This page details where to find licenses for those mods, how to replace them with builds of your own, and where to find source code for the builds we ship.

Throughout this page, when referencing file paths, ~ is used to reference the current user's home directory.

If you have any issues with the processes detailed on this page, or with third-party mod licensing in general, please email us at


The licenses for any third party mod we include in Lunar Client can be seen by clicking the "Licenses" button in the About tab of the Lunar Client launcher. You can also view these licenses by visiting the ~/.lunarclient/licenses folder on your computer.

Please note that this folder is created and populated when launching the game, so it may not be present prior to launching the game for the first time.


You also have the right to override our versions of certain third-party mods with your own. This may be done by placing your modified jar file into ~/.lunarclient/offline/multiver/overrides/. You may also access this directory by clicking the "Overrides" button in the About tab of the Lunar Client launcher.

The modified jar file must be named the same thing as the file you intend to override. For example, to override ReplayMod on Minecraft 1.8, your jar file must be named ReplayMod_v1_8.jar. Lunar Client does not scan this folder; only an exact match will be loaded. All jar files used by Lunar Client can be found in ~/.lunarclient/offline/multiver/. Jar files that can be overwritten follow the <Mod Name>_<Version>.jar format. Some more examples of jar names: Forge_v1_8.jar, ReplayMod_v1_8.jar, and so on.

Jar files that are not placed in the overrides folder, but rather directly in the multiver folder, will be overwritten by the launcher. Jar files must be placed in the overrides folder to be loaded. We chose this approach, rather than a single mods/ folder, as our launch process involves hashing all required files and replacing them if their SHA1 checksum does not match what we expect.

Please note that we cannot guarantee compatibility of any alternative mod files loaded in this manner, although no functionality is intentionally disabled when using this feature.

Open Source Forks

Additionally, we provide source code for third-party mods we ship, when required. These are all available on our GitHub:

Builds from these repositories, or the exact upstream build released by the author, are used by Lunar Client when no overrides are provided. If no repository is available, Lunar Client is using the exact jar released by the upstream project.