Over the past few years there has been a large rise in attempts to obtain accounts through the use of lookalike sites with the assistance of social engineering.

Lunar Client will never send you codes to reset your password to your email.

There are many ways hackers ensure their site is as realistic as possible such as copying the style (or sometimes whole code) of a website or ensuring the domain of the website follows a similar name to the real site.

Spotting Malicious URLs

The best way to prevent getting scammed is to be aware of the URL that you have been sent. Often these URLs are sent through other compromised accounts so it may come from someone you trust. Some examples of URLs which may be used are:

These domains add additional text or letters such as "claim-" or subsitute real chracters for ones which look similar. 

Lunar Client will only ever operate on the domains lunarclient.com, moonsworth.com and store.lunarclient.com. If you are ever in doubt we recommend browsing directly to the site yourself.

Malicious Site Examples

Some examples of sites which we have seen in the past that are malicious can be seen below.